K.Kiiranen, R.Saar
" General form of -matrices of the first order wave equations in 16-dimensional representation"

The most general expressions of the -matrices of the first order wave equations in 16-dimensional representations in the direct product (DP), Gelfand (G), and Kemmer-Duffin-Petiau (KDP) basises are computed. In the general case, 16 arbitrary parameters arises. Depending on these parameters, the -matrices satisfy the KDP-, the Dirac- and a new algebras, so that corresponding equations may describe both, the bosons and fermions equally. The classical KDP theory describes spin 0 and 1 particles only. It appears, that the reduction 1 + 5 + 10 only in a special case is possible and in generally. Unitary transformations, connecting the quantities of DP-basis with ones of G- and KDP-basises, are expressed.

The article was published  in Estonian Proc.Acad.Sci.Phys.Math.,1998, 47, 2, 110-127 . You may find it as pdf-file also.